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Lecture – Talk – Concert

Lecture – Talk – Concert

22 February 2022

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Electronic Playfulnesses
Arvin Sedaghatkish

Reza Korourian left behind 19 electronic pieces in two albums. Based on a critical study of these works I firstly will describe their technical properties and then discuss their dark humoristic character of them as one of the most important and key attributes of Korourian’s compositions and personal character as well.

Tuesday 22 February 2022. 18:00 Tehran Time

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Hearing Pain
Mehdi Behboudi and Farbod Shirmohammad

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Tuesday 22 February 2022. 22:30 | Tehran Time

Daily Report

A Short Report on the Past and Upcoming Events

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Tuesday 22 February 2022. 23:45 Tehran Time


Silent Room



Reza Korourian was born on November 5, 1971 in Tehran. He graduated from the Faculty of Art and Architecture with a Bachelor’s degree in Music. He was also a flutist, guitarist and pianist.
He studied Music Theory, Harmony and basic lessons of Composition with Alireza Mashayekhi and continued studying Music Composition at university with Farid Omran and Kiawasch SahebNassagh. He then pursued his passion for composing more seriously with SahebNassagh. He completed his study of Electronic Music under the instruction of Shahrokh Khajenouri and Arvin Sedaghatkish. Korourian was one of the five participants who attended the first electronic music workshop in Iran which was held by Shahrokh Khajenouri. By 2008, he also participated in Joachim Heintz’s electronic music workshop and received conducting lessons by Manuchehr Sahbai.
He presented his thesis in electronic music and spent years of his life translating reference books about electronic music and composition. His translation of Tom Holms’ article “The Most Impressive Electronic Music Pieces” was published in the 111th volume of “Art of Music” magazine. Two albums of his works have been published by “Contemporary Music Records” so far. The only official performance of his works was in “IC No.3” held by Yarava Music Group and with Khajenouri and SahebNassagh providing the speech, introducing Iranian and the world electronic music composers and presenting “In Dreams” by Korourian. A year later, “In Dreams” was introduced and performed at Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media.
Reza Korourian departed this life in the morning of March 3, 2015.


Reza Korourian


Violin: Asal Karimi

Commissioned by Yarava Music Group / World Premiere



Arvin Sedaghatkish (Tehran 1974), author, music researcher, music critic and composer, who wrote many articles, essays and reviews in Persian and English. He is/was a member of the editorial board of the Farhang-o-Āhang (2005-2010), Harmonytalk (2004-now), Āineyi-e-Khiāl (2007-2008), Ketāb-e-Sāl-e-Shaydā (2007-2011), Mehregāni biquarterly (2010-2013) (Co-founder), Zangār (2016-2017) (scientific advisor) and writes continuously in many other musicological journals and musical magazines like Honar-e-Moosighi, Gozāresh-e-Moosighi, Māhoor Quarterly and etc.

He also was juror or committee member of many events, competitions and festivals, among them Iranian Musical Weblogs and Websites Festival, the Biannual Book Award of Iranian House of Music, the 34th I. R. Iran Book of the Year Award, SIMF 2018, Shiraz International Music Festival Opus 2; Beethoven, the 27th Student book of the year National Festival and 36th & 37th Fajr Music Festival.

The major fields of his intellectual work and research interests are musical criticism, philosophy of contemporary musical criticism, music theory, musical analysis of Persian Classical Music (14th Hi. Sh. century)  Western Contemporary Classical Music (20th-21st century) and many other related social, historical, and cultural problems.

Some of his pieces are published in various artists albums, among them Tchārzangooleh (4 Hawk bells) in Clouds , … Va dar in pā’eiz (… and in this autumn) in Persian Night 4. Some others played in concerts, festivals and events, among them duet for Harp and Ney, Trio for Harp, Flute and Santoor, Jealousy in the Urban (Piano, 2 speakers and Electronic tape), Cantata with Bach (Fixed media), Dogah (Fixed media), 8 (Flute solo), la Fabrique (Piano and Soprano). In addition he composed a few sound tracks of short films like Vāhe (Oasis) by Mas’oud Admadi.

Arvin Sedaghatkish

The Lord of the Noise

Commissioned by Yarava Music Group / World Premiere

Part 1: 00:00
part 2: 03:30
Part 3: 04:56

“The Lord of the Noise” is a sonic journey dominated by distortion and noise. Its main sound materials are some early improvisations with my late friend Reza— to whom this composition is dedicated—, which are evoked after those years and modified in a dadaistic manner!


Arsalan Abedian


Arsalan Abedian (*1983, Tehran) graduated in 2007 from Azad University (Bachelor’s degree in composition) and in 2011 from Tehran University of Art (Master’s degree in composition). He continued his studies at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media (where he obtained a Master’s degree in Electronic Music in 2014 and a Soloklasse Konzertexamen degree in composition in 2016). Among other stipends Abedian has received a one-year composition scholarship (2018 – 2019) from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture. Granted a Ph.D. scholarship, he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree in musicology in Hanover.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Commissioned by Yarava Music Group 

Shahrokh Khajenouri


Was born in 1953 in Tehran. He studied Piano under Emanuel Melik Aslanian. In 1971, he studied harmony and counterpoint at Guildhall Music School and London College of Music. Khajenouri got his Composition Diploma and could reach the degree of F.L.C.M. He learned the electronic music under Micheal Grubert at Morley College. After returning to Iran, during two decades, he had been teaching composition and music for film at Iran Broadcasting University, Dramatic Arts Faculty of Tehran and Tehran University of Art. Over the years, he has instructed and nurtured so many students and he has held classes and workshops in which even the very first students of electronic music in Iran participated. His works have been performed in Iran and Europe by so many Ensembles such as Integrales, Tufa, Trio Classiuqe de Paris, Fortuna Quartet, Mixtura and Yarava Modern Orchestra.

Trio 1971 for Flute, Piano, Guitar and Electronics

Commissioned by Yarava Music Group / World Premiere

Trio 1971″ for flute, piano, guitar and electronics composed in memory of Reza Korourian on the occasion of his 50th birthday (1971) commissioned by Yarava Music Group. Since Reza was a flutist, pianist and a guitar player, these instruments are used for composing this work. “Trio 1971” is performed and recorded by Mehrdad Gholami, Layla Ramezan and David Mohr.

The original idea and theme of this trio is inspired by “The Story” composed by Reza Korourian.

Flute: Mehrdad Gholami

Piano: Layla Ramezan

Guitar: David Mohr

Mehdi Jalali


Mehdi Jalali (1980, Tehran), Jalali is a co-founder of Yarava Music Group. Learned music since 1996 with Mohammad Zolnouri, Jalal Zolfonoun, Taher Yarveysi, Alireza Mashayekhi, Shahrokh Khajenouri, Manouchehr Sahbai and Joachim Heintz. He has worked with Walter Nussbaum, Susanne Zapf, Catherine Larsen Maguire, Ulrike Brand, Matthias Bauer, MargritKern, etc. as a player and composer. Jalali has premiered more than fifty works of Contemporary composers as a soloist orconductor such as Fozie Majd, Helmut Zapf, Mohsen Mirmehdi, Alireza Mashayekhi, Shahrokh Khajenouri, Tobias Klich, Farzia Fallah, Ali Gorji, Ornólfur EldenPórsson, etc. Jalali is a co-founder of Electroacoustic Music Composition Competition “Reza Korourian Awards” and director of “Tehran International Electronic Music Festival” (TIEMF). He participated at several festivals in Germany, Greece, Italy, Switzerland and China.

For Reza

Commissioned by Yarava Music Group / World Premiere

Encountering a dead person. Pursuing a way to him. A way to his music, here the beginning of *Violet Room*. The bells, bells, loud, persistent, thousand years without any change. Encountering the unbearable, perhaps that which was unbearable for him. That had no way out, that failed, that was too tight, that was hard, a burden, more and more burden, less and less relief, less space. Encountering the mercilessness of the real, the mighty, the real mighty. No, it cannot be continued. Really not.

Written to the 50th birthday of Reza Korourian (1971-2015), invited by the friends of Yarava Music Group. Thanks.

Joachim Heintz


Joachim Heintz after studying Literature and Art History, began his composition studies with Younghi Pagh-Paan and Guenter Steinke in Bremen in 1995 at the Hochschule Fuer Kuenste. During the course of his studies in Bremen, he worked intensively in the electronic music field and also with mixed media such as video. He is the head of the electronic studio FMSB in the institute for new music Incontri at the HMTM in Hannover (Hanover University of Music Drama and Media), has been teaching Audio-Programming at the HfK Bremen for many years and is still a member of the Theater der Versammlung in Bremen. He composes both for instruments and electronics, for concerts, sound installations, performances and as theatre music. He is an active member of the Open Source community, in particular in the development of Csound and CsoundQt. As head of the Hanover Society for Contemporary Music (HGNM) he initiates and hosts workshops, discussions and concerts as encounters between traditional asian instruments and contemporary music.