Seventh Day

Awarding Program

Awarding Program

25 February 2022

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Awarding Ceremony

Awarding the 6th Year Winners of RKC 2021
Screening the Video by Alfonso Belfiore on the Music of Reza Korourian

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Friday 25 February 2022. 17:00 Tehran Time

Daily Report

A Short Report on the Past and Upcoming Events

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Friday 25 February 2022. 23:45 Tehran Time

Screening the Video

In Dreams

Commissioned by Yarava Music Group / World Premiere
Tribute to Reza Korourian
Music by Reza Korourian
Video by Alfonso Belfiore

Following the welcome invitation of Mehdi Jalali and Gelareh Soleimani Lavasani, with great pleasure I made this visual work as a tribute to the Iranian composer Reza Korourian (1971-2015) using his electroacoustic composition “In dream” for the music. Inspired by the title of his composition and its sounds, I wanted to imagine a dream, an important and intense dream for what happens there, the encounter with one’s soul. For psychoanalysis dreams are a possibility for our unconscious to surface in our consciousness and tell us something about our fears, our desires, our anxieties, our inner conflicts and the great work that our psyche secretly and incessantly does to find the balance needed to face life. Remembering the fathers of psychoanalysis, in particular Gustav Jung, the apparition in the dream of an unknown male person represents the animus, that is the most rational, logical and calculating part of our psyche while the appearance of an unknown female figure represents our own soul, that is, the most emotional and irrational part of our psyche and of our most intimate nature. I imagined that the apparition in the dream of a little girl, of an unknown young woman, therefore represents our infantile soul, the bearer of truth, dreams, desires and intentions that have always lived within us and that constitute our identity more sincere, what we really are and from which life often distances us.
I believe that a strong symbiosis can be imagined between music and the concept of soul. The irrationality of music and the flows of its intensities are certainly the most comparable to the soul, to the irrational aspects and emotional flows of our psyche.
This very young soul appears in the dream submerged in water reminding us that water is a symbol of the unconscious world. It is therefore the sleeping soul in our unconscious that awakens in the dream trying to reach us to tell us something profoundly ours.

For the contribution to the realization of the video I thank:
Arianna Ducci
Maria Simonetta Pardini
Alessia Pollastrini

Alfonso Belfiore

Alfonso Belfiore (1954), composer, from 1992 to 2021 was holder of the Chair of Electronic Music and Coordinator of the Department of New Technologies and Musical Languages of the Conservatory of Florence, from 1980 to 1992 he held the same chair at the Conservatory of Padua. He took part in multimedia projects developing, through the use of electronic and computer technologies, complex interactions between gesture, sound, nature, image and word, also deepening the relationship between musical composition and algorithmic processes. He is the artistic director of the international DIFFRAZIONI project, Florence multimedia festival and of several other national festivals.